Friday, May 14, 2010

yes, Ma'am, what ever you want, Ma'am!

When i went out to bring the horses in from pasture last night Sparrow walked up to me with shame on his face and stood quietly with his head at my hip while I put his halter on. I tossed the lead over his back and went to catch Brego and Sparrow stayed at my hip as if I were leading him. he was calm, quiet and very attentive to my every request.



  1. I think it worked. Being a big horse in a small body; he will think you forgot and will try it again. Call it the little man syndrome...

  2. Oh yes, he has little fits on about a bi-annual basis. They are just not usually as dramatic and lengthy as this one was. The last one was early this spring when I started him back into work and he threw a bucking fit that would have made the top bulls of the PBR seethe with envy. I had almost a year of no hissy fits prior to that. And he is always such a good good boy after we come to terms, lol.

    He is a dangerously smart little stinker.