Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Every other day, between noon and 1pm...

Look who is back again!

And yes, she was as close to me as she looks:


Of course Tsu ran into town to get a fishing license with his dad and missed it but I did get a little bit of video.

I'm waiting for a call back about a possible free myotonic goat buck. Those are fainting goats but they say this one doesn't faint (not all of them do). Depending on the size i may use him on my twin girls this fall since myotonics are a meat goat with a good meat to bone ratio. All I know is that my neighbor, Chris, knows this guy who kept trying to pawn the goat off onto him, so Chris asked if i was interested in taking him, and gave me the guy's number and the only info I have... he is about a year old, not fixed, one of those fainting goats but he doesn't faint and he "isn't real big". Which is fine because my girls aren't real big. They aren't tiny pet sized but they are not big either.

I got the garden all in, and i have been really busy doing odds and ends here and there. Not to mention lots of drama going on with some friends has been stressing me out.

I'm also thinking about selling Sparrow, again. Now that I am growing more of our own food and looking at working part time come this fall I just don't see having the time and energy to work with all three of the horses and care for everything else. Meh, It's not like he costs me a lot of money to just keep around but i just keep going back to that feeling I have had all along that he has a kid out there waiting for him.

Well, time to make the rounds and check on all my "lawn mowers", make sure they aren't tangled in their lines.

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  1. Wonder where the Peahen visits when she's not at your house?