Friday, June 11, 2010

Part 3: Do the world a favor and buy your next dog at Toys R Us.

OK, the last two posts in my mini series have been pretty gentle. In fact part 2 was down right disgusting in how supportive it is of folks who often get ripped on a lot. But this post is not going to be like that.

In this post the gloves come off.

Let us discuss what some of my rescue friends angrily call "high turn over owners". These are people with no animal sense, usually. They adore the idea of having a pet. They "fall in love" with some cute critter and bring it home and within the first year this terrible animal develops some incurable behavioural problem that causes the person to give it away, dump it somewhere, sell it or euth it... then they go out and *bangs head against the wall* GET ANOTHER ONE.

Listen, moron, if you have had 10 dogs in the last 6 years and all of them aside from the already trained adult dog turned into uncontrollable terrors that you were "forced" to unload on some poor sap who had to clean up the messes you made... the problem is not the dogs, it is YOU.


You obvious like the IDEA of owning a pet more than the reality. And you know, that is fine. But OWN that and STOP RUINING LIVES BECAUSE YOU ARE TOO SELF CENTERED TO JUST NOT GET ANOTHER PET!!!

Pretty much all of us know someone like this. Quite frankly when some idiot pulls this crap guess who gets the first phone call in that moron's search to rid themselves of the wreck they have made? Yeah, folks like me. You know what? I am at max capacity and have filled every home i know with all of your former cast offs. I can't help you any more. I don't want to hear about your new puppy that you will be dumping off on someone else in 6 months and don;t want to hear about your 8 month old Border Collie/Boxer mix who is shredding your carpet because you leave him locked in the spare bathroom all day. because the only thing wrong with that dog is that YOU can't get off your butt and get him to exercise and training he needs!

Pretty much every owner has had moments where they felt in over their heads. And many have had dogs that just didn't fit in their family. Once. Or maybe twice. If you are reading this and it has happened to you 4 or 5 times... stop blaming the dogs and take a good look in the mirror. I am tired of trying to be polite. I am tired of beating around the bush. YOU are a selfish idiot and you need to accept the fact that you are NOT capable of properly raising an animal. There is no shame in admitting you aren't skilled at raising an animal, there IS shame in DESTROYING ANIMALS LIVES because you can't make a damn commitment, but also can't grow a backbone and some self control and pass up that cute puppy or kitten!

Let me say this one more time: if you are right now justifying the multiple dogs you have "got rid of" because of THEIR behaviour issues... if you are getting angry and offended at me because I just don't understand... chances are YOU are the person I am talking to. Don't like it? Then please, for the love of all that is holy, prove me wrong.


  1. Pony,

    I can't imagine anyone saying this better -- you ROCK!


  2. Too true. And sad for the poor animals that give their trust to such jerks.

  3. ALSO, DO YOUR HOMEWORK! Before you buy that darling dachsund puppy at the local puppy mill/pet store, think it through! He's a hound, bred to follow his nose. You're right, he doesn't listen to you and he's IS hard to potty train. He will tear stuff up when he's left alone for 14 a day because you work. And "spanking" him is not going to teach him a damn thing. And NOW you're shocked when you get a 3-day eviction notice because the Weiner howls so much while you're gone. Just find someone to dump him on....

  4. Oh, wait, that REALLY did happen! That's right! It was ME that took the dog off your hands. And so far I've enjoyed 10 weiner-ific years with YOUR dog. YOUR loss, A**hole. (of course, that's not the only reason I divorced the man, but it sure tells you about his character!)

  5. Denise, this post was partially inspired by my ex, as well. Lucky Weiner, to end up with you and have such a good life, though!