Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Check out Life On A Southern Farm and enter to WIN A HEN NESTING BOX!!

I know a lot of the folks who read my blog enjoy country/homesteading kind of stuff. I also know a lot of you have small livestock and/or poultry. And obviously you kinda like reading blogs.

So I would like to recommend that if you are one of the above mentioned folks you check out the Life On A Southern Farm blog!! That link will not only take you to the blog, but to their current give away!

Their nest boxes are lovely. really. I want one so bad I can hardly stand it. I actually want the 3 nest box. Check out the different sizes they have available at the HenPals Nest Box store!

I had my eye on the three and four nest boxes. I actually think 3 will be all I need since I won't have many hens, then a one hole box to set aside for a broody hen.

Check out that first link to see how to enter their give away.

My chickens are going to have a repurposed pickup camper and plywood coop, their pen is going to be hillbillied together out of stuff I already own. But it sure would be nice to give them a nice fancy nest box to lay their eggs in, hehe!!

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