Thursday, December 9, 2010

Sage has an udder!!!!!

As in, like, enough of an udder that it is about two good handfuls and soft and squishy!

Looks like maybe Parsley got the deed done with at least one of the girls after all.



Sage and Thyme both have bellies that are larger than normal and feel decidedly round and squishy in the udder area. Rosemary seems thicker around the waist but no sign of udder development.

But Sage's udder is like the size of two grapefruits.

I'm so totally stoked about it. Man I hope it isn't just some weird hormonal thing, and she is actually pregnant. I REALLLLY want a doe out of her and Parsley. It would be 3/4 dairy breed.

*jumps up and down*

Tomorrow I will get pictures of their poochies (girlie bits) to post on The Goat Spot and see if anyone thinks they look like they have babies on the way.

I need some cheap clippers to clip their little udders. Is it really weird that I think their udders are CUTE?

I seriously have gone crazy about goats. It's scary.

I can see a time in my life where i could be happy just having a goat instead of my minis. and I think, when I am old and grey and can't or won't be able to take care of a horse that a small goat could keep me sane.

I always thought some day I would be a crazy cat lady, but I think I am going to be a crazy goat lady instead.

It is ice cold and pitch dark out there and i seriously just want to go out and hang out with my goats. lol. I think I am going to load up my pockets with stale froot loops and go see my goaties.


  1. oh, i hope it's so!! how exciting! can't wait for the update and i hope the belly keeps growing and you have a little one before you know it. i don't blame you for wanting to hang out with the goats. heck, i like to just go hang out with my chickens!

  2. You know... You worry me... but... that's ok I love your crazy self!