Friday, February 4, 2011

Girl talk.... my return for a follow up mammogram.

*passes out*

That was the single most excruciating mammogram I have ever had in my entire life. And I've had several, because of a horse related bosom injury in my early 20's.

She took 8 different shots, left the room for 20 minutes, came back in and took 2 more. The last 6 were with this top squishy thing that had a projection sticking out of the bottom about the size of the bottom of a coffee cup that they put directly over the questionable areas and tightened until my knees buckled. Literally at one point. I'm a pansy, but I can usually tough it out without complaint.... it hurt so bad I was unable to keep myself from vocalizing in pain.

To put this into perspective, I went through 23 1/2 hours of labor without making a single groan, and only screamed when the doctor cut me without me being numb (then continued to grumble about it for the last half hour of delivery or so, hehe). I may grunt, groan or yell when physically exerting myself (like when I try to carry in the water hose, hehe) but when it comes to pain I generally keep quiet right up until it hurts so bad that I yell.

i was whimpering and groaning in pain, just trying to breath and stay on my feet.

The poor technician kept apologizing, but they had to crank down on there to get the shots. By the time we were done I could barely move without my eyes watering. Tsu picked me up some ibuprofen at the clinic pharmacy and I took them as soon as we got to the car. It wasn't just "The Girls" that hurt, it was the muscle under them. We did some shopping and ate lunch and got home before the real soreness kicked in, and last night I wasn't even able to lift my arms above shoulder level. I was very slow doing my chores, and thankfully Brego drops his head when I put his feed bag on him, otherwise he might have had to skip his grain.

Our buddy Jer came over to hang out and cook us dinner (yay!! that is twice this week, lol) so the men handled all that stuff while I curled up on the couch looking pitiful and keeping medicated. A while back he brought us some dietary supplements and he insisted I take some because he finds he has a lot less soreness after injury or exertion if he has some so i did so.

This morning I feel much better. The Girls are still uncomfortable but nothing like yesterday and the muscles under and around them don't hurt.

So now I just have more waiting to do to see if they give me the all clear or if they want to check me out some more.

On the bright side I got my most recent blood work back, the stuff to check liver function because of the meds I am on now, and it all came back good. So I can stay on my Zocor to keep the cholesterol down and hopefully head off a heart attack. *rolls eyes*

I'm going to try and get some new pictures of Chickory and the Kennii. They are all growing horns now since I didn't disbud them. Next week I think the Kennii will get banded (neutered, basically. in goats that is called getting "wethered") and i will decide then if I think I need to band Chickory right away or wait a while longer. Since he will be kept as a pet I want to give his urinary tract as much time to mature as possible before wethering him so I will wait until the last minute before doing his banding. Since the other two are meat goats it doesn't much matter when I band them, and the sooner the better. I just want to make sure I can give them their CDT shots first.


  1. OUCH !! I too get those nasty tests every year.. but because of family history and a history of (nothing to worry about yet) type of issues myself. I've already had one "mass-ectomy" and will need more soon I'm sure. Supposedly it's all scar tissue from .. wait for it..


    and the bones of my rib cage, and sternum are not smooth, they are rough like really course sand paper.

    I hope all is well my friend =)

  2. Oh, I feel your pain - actually, it sounds like you had a far worse time of it than I did. They did a few extra pictures but then used ultrasound. Then a few more pictures.
    Mine came out OK, but they want to recheck again in 6 months. I hope your results are good news, too.

  3. ouch! i sure hope you don't have to go back for more of that anytime soon! i feel for you! glad it's behind you. sounds like things are going well with the goats - yay!