Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Test result finally....

the ones I was waiting for almost a month ago.... I've been calling and calling trying to get the results and it was a huge mess. Pain in my butt. But everything is ok. A few things to keep an eye on but nothing that needs any further looking at for now. Thank goodness. I am a little perturbed that it took me getting so obnoxious to get my results, though.

I'm sorry, if you have a mammogram and they call you the next day and immediately schedule you for a recheck, then they take 10 new scans and leave you bruised and sore for days because of how they had to squish you, and then they tell you they will call you either way to let you know what they find.... having to call every two days for THREE WEEKS leaving messages and begging for info to finally get results is inexcusable.

I shared my displeasure, and the nurse seemed interested in the fact that the receptionist has not been passing along messages and she also commented that the receptionist took the "call immediately with results" post it note off my file and put my file away... so the nurse had no reason to think I had not been contacted. She said it WOULD be looked into.

Now I can get back to looking for a job.


  1. Whew! I'm glad everything is ok! "Customer Service" leaves a lot to be desired in the medical world. Which is totally sad because if any place care, compassion, and empathy are required its THERE !

    So my friend... The Cincinnati Zoo, Aquarium, and Museum are all hiring! sorry couldn't resist.

  2. How frustrating. And, how nerve wracking to wait that long for results, wondering why the delay and, if you are like me, building it all up into a huge problem.
    Glad things look OK. That must be a relief.

  3. first off, and best of all, glad the results are good! secondly, they are lame and places/people like that always seem to have an even lamer excuse. glad you made your voice heard!

  4. Jen, if I am going to move south for a job I am moving a lot farther south than Ohio, hahaha!!!!

    But you know I would LOVE to work at a zoo, hehehe.