Thursday, February 24, 2011

Three quarts.

I could have probably managed to get another 1/2 quart but I was out of jars, and the kids were screaming their heads off wanting their share. They are growing so fast. They are finally eating their feed with the anti-cocci stuff in it, and they have discovered the joys of free choice minerals and protein lick buckets, hehe. Today is a big day for them, if everything works out right at least. They are getting their shots and getting banded (I.E. neutered). Well, they are for sure getting their shots, may hold off a day or two on banding depending on how things go with the shots.

I think when I band them then leave the does with them that first night so I may wait to band until this weekend. Either way Tsu will be helping, and the kids are going to be so ticked off at me!

1 comment:

  1. In some ways don't you wish little things could stay little a bit longer?!
    We've seen a few newborn calves on our travels back and forth to the project house. They are so cute!
    Ouch! I feel sorry for the boys.