Monday, March 7, 2011

Nightshade, my new buck.

He is, seriously, smaller than most of our cats right now. And he is dozing off on my lap right now. He is a one week old, myotonic (fainting goat), and at this moment he is wearing a diaper and trying to chew on my fingers as I try to type. We stole him away from his mama yesterday. He is eating well from a bottle, he doesn't latch on himself yet, but he eats well once I get the nipple in his mouth.

He woke up twice last night, slept next to me on the couch. He has started to answer me when I do my "mama goat calling a baby goat" sound. He is still looking for his mom, but not as hard as he was looking yesterday. He will be a bit smaller than I had originally wanted but for $50 I am not going to complain!!


He screams his head off in the crate. So mostly i keep him diapered and close to me. He and the dogs also run up and down the hall and he bounces around before falling back into a deep baby sleep.


His dad actually looked like a silky coated fainter. Mom was just a bit smaller than my does in body size but shorter legged.

He sleeps with his eyes partially open, and it freaks me out, lol. I found some mites on him so I treated him for them, once I am sure those are gone I'll start to introduce him to the other kids.


  1. He is so darn cute - I am not familiar with the "mama goat calling a baby goat" sound - I guess I'll have to visit someone with goats to hear it.
    Love your hat ;-)

  2. he's beautiful!! and good picture of both of you!