Thursday, July 7, 2011

An Answer to Bubby....

"Hey Sissy,

How do you like using the French press compared to a regular coffee maker? Does the java taste any better/worse even at a comparable brew strength? Are they prejudice against decaf like the French? Are they made of win? If I use one, will I get super powers (even temporarily)? Have I asked enough questions about coffee and the devices used to produce it?



P.S. I miss you guys :( "

It's ok. Only makes about 2 cups of coffee and take a lot more grounds per cup to get as strong as i like and sometimes I get grounds in my cup, but I can make coffee without using electricity. It tastes ok, I guess with better coffee the flavor from a french press is much better than from a drip coffee maker but i buy the cheapest I can find so there isn't much there to work with.

All coffee pots should be prejudiced against decaf. It's an abomination.

They are not made of "win", per se, but they are not made of "lose" either.

If you use one you will not get super powers, however some latent super powers you were unaware you had may surface temporarily.

There is no such thing as "too many questions" about coffee and the devices used to produce it.

We miss you, too.

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