Monday, May 7, 2012

Goat juggling....

I need more goat stalls. hehe.I had to juggle the goats around again to get the ones that need to be in a certain stall or pen where they belong.

No pictures today, but maybe later. I was going to get pictures of Nutmeg's udder to show how it has developed but my pitiful camera decided to drain the batteries after only about 12 pictures.

Kahlua has a full udder. She is the last of my does that is due. I was thinking she was due more like early June but.... Now I am thinking it may be a good deal sooner. So Ivy and Tigerlily needed to move out of the kidding stall and she needed to move in. I put her in there with my Psychoti-goat, Rosie. Ugh, that girl is going to exhaust my patience. But that is a whole other drama. *grin*

Anyway, I'd been keeping Sage and Nightshade together until he goes to his new home in hopes of a fall freshening again but she doesn't seem to be cooperating, so he went back out with Chickory until his new owners come and get him and the twin doelings. That should be around the 12th of may.

I'll try and get more pictures soon.

 Still job hunting. If I don't get something soon I am going to list Nutmeg for sale so i can buy hay. I'd REALLLY rather not do that, but she is nicely bred, has a lovely udder and is currently in milk so she is worth the most.

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  1. Good luck with everything. I do hope you find a job and don't have to part with anyone.