Saturday, April 11, 2009

I couldn't resist...

... I was going to give him a full week of doing nothing but I ended up working with Brego a bit today just to see how he would react to a few things. I started out with him on the long line to see if he would let me drive him away from me on the line but turn when I asked him to. At first he tried to turn toward me but he caught on to what I wanted very quickly. I was pretty pleased with his reactions. When he got confused or just didn't feel like doing as he was told he just planted his feet maybe took a step or two backward. All I had to do was pull his head to the side a bit to shift the weight on his front feet, then ask again and he was out of "balk" mode.

Then I put my bare back pad on him. He just sniffed it then looked at me like, "Um, ok?"

The girth is a tad long right now but should fit well once he fills out some more.

He seems to be left handed, lol.

I was very pleased with the way he acted and reacted. I kept it easy since he is still recuperating from the trip.

he will stand fine outside with his rope looped around a tree branch but in the barn every little sound makes him back up a bit. he stops and leans back when he hits the end of his lead but he steps back up pretty easily when asked as long as I shift his weight on his front feet. By that I mean I ask him to turn just enough to make him pick up one foot while putting all his weight on the other foot and it seems to reset his brain and put him back in "willing" mode. Kind of like making a horse that balks circle and try again, only I don't have to actually circle him.

Anyway, he is still getting used to having free run of the barn so I'm not pushing that issue.

Just as I finished messing with him my ex mother in law showed up with Tiffany and Tiffany's step brother Ryan.

Man, Ryan is growing up. He is going to be a handsome young man. I almost didn't recognize him at first. He seems like such a nice kid (I'm sure Tiff wouldn't agree, just because he is her brother, lol!) and he seemed to enjoy getting to pet the animals.

Well, Tiff seemed to like Brego, and I brought out some of the kittens for them to look at.

Everything White Kitty seems to have Siamese-like points... only they are calico. O_O

Then they left and as they pulled out FIL and niece and both nephews showed up. MIL wasn't able to make it because she was cooking cake for today's holiday dinner.

Brego handled all the company pretty well but seemed to be getting quite sick of it finally. he wasn't doing anything bad, he just was looking tired and kept wanting to wander around back behind the barn. So we let him have some time to himself and went to see the other critters. Then FIL remembered he had some Altoids in his car. Marsha had said Brego liked mints so we decided to try and give him a couple. When I walked around the barn he was laying down in the sun dozing. He let me walk up to him really slowly and took the mint. FIL started to walk up and he acted like he might try to get up then just stayed down and took the goody.

I was kind of surprised. I mean he has known me for what, 4 days now? And he'd known FIL for 15 minutes! Talk about laid back and easy going!

He has also started to nicker to me when ever he sees me. It's sooo sweet! I mean, I KNOW he is just delighted to be getting 4 small meals a day and he always expects me to be bringing him food, but still... it's sweet. lol.

There is more I'd like the chat about but I'm tired. *yawn*

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