Friday, June 19, 2009

The great escape!

So yesterday I moved the fence, the weather was nicer and I figured it would be a good day to leave the morons out on grass as long as possible. The best grass was far away from the barn lot so instead of hooking the fence up to the barn lot electric I just strung it up and hoped that they would THINK it was electric. It's worked in the past. It will hopefully work in the future. But yesterday, not so much. About 5 hours after turn out I look out and smile, brego is sipping water from the trough by the barn.

Wait a tick.

He wasn't supposed to BE in the barn lot!!!!

So I rush outside and he looks at me all innocent like. Mary is standing in the driveway and SHE looks up at me like "OH CRAP! BUSTED!!!!"

Sparrow was still in the temporary pasture looking confused, haha! I'm letting most of his bridle path grow out so he not only had the "I'm confused!" look, but to top it off he had the "Whoa, dude, I'm a punk rocker" look going on as well, hahaha! Poor guy.


So I go to catch Mary and she just follows me into the paddock. I close the gate then go to see how they got out. It looks like they just walked right through the fence at the back corner and wandered all over the yard before getting thirsty and going into the barn lot for a sip. The two love birds had moseyed up to check out the big barn, and sniffed the Subaru, and nibbled some clover by the rabbit cage. One set of big prints and right along side one set of tiny prints.

So today I ran the fence out from the paddock fence complete with electric, lol. I hate blocking the drive way but Brego really hates drinking out of the big bucket so maybe he will be less likely to test the fence if he can drink out of the big trough. Plus if he tests it today he will get a zappy.

Everything is still quite muddy. Brego just loves being a piggie pony. His whole off side is covered in mud. I'm waiting for it to dry so I can brush it off. His ventral mane (the long line of hair growing down the center of his belly) is full of mud clumps. His feather looks like it was dipped in really low quality chocolate, lol.



To be fair, all three of them have been playing in the mud, it is just more noticeable on Brego.

So anyway, today I keep checking on them every few minutes to make sure they haven't made a break for it again. At least they didn't go far or get into any trouble.

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