Thursday, June 18, 2009


It rained all day yesterday. Poured. The horses spent most of the day huddled together in the barn. This is new, because the minis have never been smart enough to stay inside on rainy days. Brego seems to have a bit more sense than they do and Mary wants to be by Brego and Sparrow wants to be by Mary. hehe.

I had plans for yesterday, but they got washed away. So now I have twice as much stuff to do today, and absolutely no desire to do it. Hehe.

Instead of moving fence and mowing law and cleaning the pool I read and played video games. I read a teen angst werewolf book in about 2 hours (Blood and Chocolate) and started on a non-fiction book called "Death's Door, The Truth Behind Michigan's Largest Mass Murder". It's not the feel good book of the year but it is interesting. All about copper mines and unions and people yelling fire in crowded buildings.

I know every state has fascinating history, but I LOVE me some Michigan history.


  1. I keep clicking your ads, this one keeps coming up and it ammuses me.

    "AXIS Bank Remit to India
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    And I keep thinking:

    #1: no way I'm clicking an ad for a bank in India.

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  2. *snort* RUPEES! If we could trade Zelda rupees for US dollars we would be RICH!!!!