Friday, August 14, 2009


I checked Brego's feather and he has scratches. Crapcrapcrap. It's just on his hind legs, but still.... his skin under all that hair has been BEAUTIFUL until now. He is due for an ivermectine worming and he was due for oiling (putting mineral oil on the hair to help protect it) so i scrubbed him up really well and oiled him. Most of the loose scurf came off but he lost some hair up high that almost looks like urine scald... but old. Like it is already healing some.

He was fine last week when I dug under there checking the skin.

This wet weather we have been having, ugh. I'm actually wondering if he DID get urine scald. When I got home from the hospital his legs were just nothing but muck and it was almost a week before I could rinse them off...because, you know, surgery and stuff.... but that has been almost a month now. *sigh* I hope it freakin' dries up around here. The mud is just getting annoying. My run in never dries (he peepees in there and it has just not been dry enough to dry it all out). Even when the rest of the ground is dry he likes to play in yucky stuff.

Luckily it is mostly along the front of his hind legs so it is easier to get meds to that than to the back. He has a little on his heels but it's easy to get to as well.

At least his fronts still look really good *knock on wood*. But I used up the last of my oil so I need to get some more this weekend.

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