Wednesday, August 12, 2009

It was like a wild rodeo!!!!

That is, if the "wild rodeo" is one of those tiny little things you see at small town "country days" where they can't even afford a stock company to come in so their "broncos" just stand there when the gate opens and yawn while dropping a hip and falling back to sleep.

Yes, after a month delay and two months of annoying poor Brego by fussing with him and doing weird things like jumping up and down next to him while holding on to his mane and wiggling all around while laying over his back... today was the big day. The first full on, leg on each side, lets go for a walk around the round pen RIDE. I longed him both ways first, which I normally don't do before riding because I dislike having a horse that needs longed in order to behave before work, but I figured putting him into his "I have to listen to mom" frame of mind would be a good idea.

Tsu was going to give me a hand because I suspected the biggest issue was going to be getting him to move, lol. I was right. I told Tsu ahead of time that if he started to move, LET HIM. Don't try to stop him or control him in any way, other than to get him to move forward when I say "walk on". Tsu, not having handled horses enough to be natural at it, was obviously a fish out of water but he did his part wonderfully. We walked around the temporary round pen once, all I did was ask him to walk on and bump him lightly with my heels while Tsu lead him forward and I kept him from dropping his head to graze.

Aside from one moment where he tried to slam on the breaks suddenly he did super!

If I was smiling any bigger the top of my head would fall off.

I didn't use the saddle, I used my bareback pad and breast plate. It's easier for me to slide off of if I want to get down quick. Plus it is more comfortable for both of us, but I look forward to getting on him with the saddle so I can ask him to move out more.

I can tell it has been a LONG time since I rode, I was only on him for like 5 minutes and my legs are jello. It felt weird, too, the last horse I rode was a massive clyde cross. Riding him was like riding a kitchen table, lol. It was a constant struggle to get any leg on him at all. Brego is much more reasonably sized. Tsu said we look like we were made for each other, but he might have just been telling me what I wanted to hear, lol.

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