Thursday, August 13, 2009

*grins like a fool* two, more of the same. He got to wear a real saddle (since I was going to be asking for movement without someone helping I wanted the added security of the stirrups in case I had to push him and he tried jumping forward on me, which he didn't) and he walked on almost like a big boy. He was turning like a champ and we got a full circle of the round pen both directions (3 or 4 steps at a time, lol) and several circles both ways by the time we were done.

I keep it short and end on a good note, so after a whopping 15 minutes in the saddle I called it good after I got a whole 10 steps in a straight line.

For now I just let him move as long as he wants as long as he keeps moving, I won't start asking for stops until he is really forward moving willingly and without hesitation.

I was afraid that maybe yesterday i had not spent enough time on getting him to understand that leg pressure meant to move forward, but he responded pretty well today. I use verbal cues (driving habit) and start with leg pressure, then leg pressure and "walk on!" then more leg pressure and a cluck or kiss sound. The first few times I had to get to the clucking, but by the end he was going at leg pressure and "walk on".

I am not using a bit, mostly because my riding skills are rusty and even when they are not rusty they suuuuck. I don't want to accidentally hit him in the mouth if he does something unexpected. He is learning to give to pressure, I've been working on that since he got home and he is doing really well with it so I will keep using my home made side pull thingie for now.

I do need a thick fluffy saddle pad. The saddle fits him pretty well but I think more fluffy would be better than what I have now.

I tried my Aussie stock saddle on him. It fits through the withers and back but his sides taper off before the saddle does (hard to describe). It's close, though. He shouldn't be done filling out until he is around 6, and it will EASILY fit him just right if he thickens up even a small amount. With the right padding I could probably use it now, but it is heavier than my little pony sized english saddle and it's much nicer so I will hold off on trying to use it until Brego is much more solid in his training.

Oh my gosh. I rode my horse.

*passes out with delight*

Oh, we also got some experience with what it feels like when someone shifts their weight around in the stirrups and stuff. He didn't like it, but he was a good boy and after a few wiggles he went back to ignoring it. I mounted from the bucket but still used the stirrup. I think he is convinced that I have lost my mind, lol.

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  1. well.. of course you have lost your mind !!! But doesn't it feel just .. hmmm .. PERFECT !