Tuesday, September 8, 2009


That is when my alarm clock went off today. Man, I wish they offered evening classes for high school. This is just stupid early to be up in the morning.

I am not looking forward to 9 months of this crap. 9 months a year for 4 more years. Normally I am looking forward to school starting and getting back on our school year schedule but this year, ugh. Homeschooling is starting to sound attractive, lol.

You know, I would love mornings if they just started later in the day. *sigh*


  1. Stupid early indeed! I feel anytime earlier then when I wake up on my own is stupid early..

  2. I agree completely. In fact these days I think even when I do wake up on my own it is stupid early. My big sleep in days have me waking up at 7am. Come on! That isn't sleeping in! But if I do manage to sleep past then the dogs wake me up anyway, lol.