Sunday, September 6, 2009

For everything *turn turn turn* there is a season *turn turn turn*

I was singing this to myself today as I was spinning some alpaca wool that I was given by a lovely lady (Thank you SpottedTApps!) who I know from She sent it to me right after the rendezvous when she saw my pictures of myself spinning wool into yarn on my drop spindle.

I am hooked. This stuff is so soft and fluffy and delicate and delightful and spins sooo nice. She sent me some roving (stuff that is all combed out and put into a long "rope" basically... so it is pretty much ready to spin) and some raw (fresh off the animal with nothing done to it). I have never spun raw fiber so I haven't tackled that yet. But I spun up the roving today and it is wonderful stuff!

The raw fiber:


I would have started in on it weeks ago but I got some custom orders for my knitting, then the order for the gourd, then I wrenched my finger around and so my hand didn't work. But it had been sitting there, taunting me, almost painfully taunting me... so today even with my sore hand I just HAD to spin it up.

The yarn made from the roving:


It makes me wish I had an alpaca, lol.

Oh, and also... I haven't coloured my hair in like 5 months. There is so little of it I kind of got into this "why bother?" mode with it. It was getting to the point that my attempts to hide my hair loss were just looking like... like attempts to hide hair loss.

Look, scalp. *sad face*


Anyway, it's pretty normal for me to let my roots go for 3 or 4 months because i am cheap and lazy. Until now it has always been the same bland dirt colour as always (blech) but today I looked in the mirror and thought, "Oh funny, I have a piece of wool stuck in my hair." So I went to brush it away and... IT'S ATTACHED!!!! I have a grey hair! Not only is it silver grey but it is about 4 times thicker than my normal hair and slightly curly! Like a thick silver pube sprouting from my temple!



And I am absolutely delighted!

Seriously delighted to the point that it made my day. I must be a sick human being to be HAPPY that I have a grey hair, hahaha!

I also bought myself a second wig. It was super cheap so i figured what the heck.


I think it looks silly with those curls but whtever, hehe.

I also decided to cut my brown wig, lol. Still working on it. It was cheap so I figure if I mess it up no big deal. I don't actually wear them yet, just getting ready for the day when I have so little hair that it makes me not want to leave the house.

And last but not least... for the first time in a decade I was able to pick up an actual pencil and pen and draw on paper. I was only able to make two small sketches, and the proportions on the head and neck of the full cartoony horse are so off it pains me to let anyone see it but... yeah. For the first time since my arms went bad on me I drew. Looking at that head sketch I'd say it shouldn't take me much to get it back. I just have to be VERY careful because I was hurting a little by the time I finished the ink outlines. But look how steady the ink lines are! I never ever thought I would ever be able to do that again.


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  1. Somewhere amongst all my stuffs I have an ink sketch you did way way way way .. WAY back when we were in school together...

    I'm so glad you are beginning to draw again. I haven't drawn in a long time myself.. just was never really a passion for me so it dropped to the wayside.