Thursday, October 22, 2009

Put Sparrow to work...

I needed to recenter myself. The whole "people knocking on my door for no good reason" thing had me riled. Sparrow has been off work since last winter when I worked him "under saddle". (Actually "under bareback pad", hehe.) I had focused back on Mary for a while and getting her transitioned from driving in her halter to using a bit while letting Sparrow decompress and grow up a bit more, then wonder of wonders Brego happened and I went out of my mind for a while.

Well, I sold my mini harness since it was a great training harness but not so hot for actually hitching (no breeching, for one thing). So I rigged up a fleece English girth and two leather straps cut from an old English stirrup leather to make a home made mini horse surcingle.

I gave Brego his lunch, then haltered Sparrow and took him to the work paddock. I got the fancy schmancy home made surcingle on him and the reins and sent him off... and he exploded, hahaha! Full bore, all out, run so fast his feet are scrambling, and when I ask him to rate back he started to buck. Broke in the middle type bucking that would send a cowboy flying and wow the most jaded bucking horse fan. Leaping into the air, twisting to the side and GRUNTING.

I shouldn't laugh. It was very naughty. I kept very stern and forced him forward with the longe whip so he really couldn't keep up the bucking but he was kicking with every stride and still grunting. Then he started to do this really angry stomping with his front feet while he ran since bucking and kicking out weren't working. I pretended he was a big scary dangerous horse and just kept sending him forward until he knocked that foolishness off. Then once he gave in and started to behave I about fell over laughing.

After his temper tantrum he was excellent. stop and go and turn both ways very lightly. He didn't want to move without being pushed but once I got him moving without being an idiot he was delightful. He seems to remember everything from last winter, just did NOT like the fact that his vacation is over.

By the time I wrapped it up it was RAINING gain, I was a lot less upset about annoying people knocking on my door despite my signs warning them not to, and Brego just looked glad that it started to rain before it was his turn for work, hehe.

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  1. Hahahaha! You need pictures or even video of the lil turd bucking! We've had good weather this week, rain starts tonight and temps drop. Oh Joy!