Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Raining again....

It's supposed to be warm later today but right now it is just wet. I gave the ponies yesterday off. They are getting their winter coats in quite thick and I didn't want to make them all sweaty (lazy day, didn't feel like a lengthy cool out) so I hope it dries up enough to work them this afternoon. It is supposed to be 70 today. They will get all sweaty but it will be warm enough for them to dry without catching a chill. But if it is muddy I won't bother. Brego is just not terribly graceful or coordinated. He tends to slip and slide on those massive pie pan feet when the ground is mucky.

I'm almost done with these socks I have been working on for months now. Size 1 needles and baby weight yarn... takes a lot if knitting to make progress. Mind numbing, repetitive, knit purl knit purl knit purl arg! I think in the future I will stick with worsted weight yarn for my socks. It makes for thick warm socks and I need shoes a bit bigger to use them but they knit up a lot faster, haha!

I'm tired. This rain... ugh. I just want to sleep.

*curls up under her favorite blanky and closes her eyes*

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