Sunday, November 29, 2009

Brego's Notes: Humans are weird!

Brego's notes from his facebook page:

Humans Are Weird

Yup. They are weird.

So for the last several months Pony has been putting my Stupid Halter on me and using these long lines hooked to the sides to tell me what to do while she stands around. *rolls eyes* Sometimes she tries walking behind me but man do I hate that. I can't see her back there! I mean, what is she doing back there when I can't SEE her? Anyway, a few weeks ago she put this thing on me she called a "bridle". It is sort of like my Stupid Halter, only it has this thing that goes in my mouth that she calls a "bit". Mine is minty flavored!

I won't say i like it, and i won't say i don't like it... it is just..... weird. But until now she has put the thing on me and just let me wander around with it in my mouth. But th other day she actually hooked the long lines to the bit and told me to walk on. When we got to the corner she started pulling on it and i was like, "HEY? What is up with this? First you stick the Stupid halter on me and make me figure out what you want and now you change the rules and use THIS thingie??" But the nice thing is that it works just like the Stupid Halter! I mean i totally understood what she wanted, and I could tell what she wanted sooo much easier than with the Stupid Halter.

I wasn't too sure about this "bit" stuff at first. It feels WEIRD.

Pony was really happy. She scratched my butt again (I LOVE that) because she was so proud of me for doing so good. I'm really not sure about all this silly weird foolishness she wants me to do but I sure do like it when she is proud of me.

Today she was acting weirder than usual. I think she is sad. Sparrow told me it's because she misses her old friend Jamie, who died when Sparrow was just a baby. It was really rainy today, and she came out to bring us our lunch and she stood by me while i munched and leaned her face on my neck. She seemed to feel better when she went back up to her barn, but she has been out to visit us several times today. I hope she feels better soon.

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  1. Brego - you are doing a lot - learning about bits and ground driving and helping your person when she feels bad - good for you!