Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Brego's notes: SO SCARY!!!

Brego's note from yesterday:

Last night i had the worst time EVER. I was just hanging out with Mary and Sparrow munching our hay out of the bags in the trees when this HORRIBLE sound started coming from the barn where that crabby old mare lives next door. It TOTALLY freaked me out.

It wouldn't have been so bad if it just happened once but it kept GOING and GOING! I never heard anything like that before, it sounded like something was either VERY mad or getting killed by something! It was so stinkin' scary. I was running around because it was freaking me out and when i ran past the barn I tried to stop but the ground was muddy and i started sliding toward the fence! Oh man, I was SO freaked out!!! I slid RIGHT into the fence and next thing I knew I was getting zapped and i was all tangled up in the fence tape and scrambling across the thing that the humans drive their cars on to get to their barn! Well, I just took off out into the yard until i was away from that fence tape stuff.

Mary and Sparrow were still inside because somehow I only busted through the top part of the fence. That horrible noise was still going on but i was farther away from it and... well, now i was surrounded by grass. hehehehe. So even though I was still totally freaked out i grabbed a few bites of grass to settle myself down. That was when Pony's guy came outside and I heard him say, "Um, we have a Brego in the front yard."

Next thing I know Pony is outside with me checking the fence and Tracy (I think she keeps him as a house pet like she does that funny looking little dog) was walking around me toward the road. Mary started fussin' and I was starting to feel freaked out again so i ran over to the fence. Tracy kept following me and Pony went to get my Stupid Halter. She whistled when she came back out of the barn and I went over to her, which seemed to make her VERY happy (she gets stupidly happy when i come when she whistles. Not sure why, I just know that most of the time a whistle means food, so of course i come over to her when she does it, hehehe).

Anyway, tracy was trying to get Mary and Sparrow in to their stall while Pony held on to my lead rope. That horrible noise was going AGAIN, and freaking me out, but it wasn't as scary with Pony there. Sparrow followed tracy really good, but mary kept coming back over to stand inside the fence right by me. Pony had to explain to tracy how to put a neck rope on her and lead her in to the stall. He had tried some grain first, and she would follow him for a while but then come back over to me because, you know, she loves me even if she is crabby and tries to be bossy. I was kind of surprised by that because she usually prefers food over anything else, but I guess she really does like me a lot after all.

Once they were in their stall she took me back into the barn lot. I was kinda fidgetty because that horrible sound wouldn't stop. Pony said something about "Sandy must have bought some pigs" and something about slaughtering (what ever that means, doesn't sound good), but then she said "You don't have to be killing a pig for it to sound like you are killing it."

Tracy seemed annoyed and said maybe they should tell sandy to warn them next time. He was working on the fence while Pony stayed by me and kept hold of my rope, which made me feel better. That horrible noise finally stopped. I was still really jumpy but not as bad. Pony saw the slide marks and figured out how i had slid through the fence. She put a bunch of hay in the barn to keep our minds off of the scary stuff, then let Mary and Sparrow back out of their stall. I felt a lot better once they had come out to take care of things. She has been coming out to check on us all night, and came over to give me a hug and some scritches while i was laying down to sleep. I think the whole thing freaked her out as much as it did me.

She was really complaining more about how muddy the ground was than anything else. I think all this rain is making her crabby. But once she knew I was OK she seemed to cheer up.

Boy oh boy, was that noise scary, though!! I hope that doesn't happen very often. Pigs must be horrible, terrifying creatures to make noises like THAT!!

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