Monday, November 30, 2009

I had the weirdest dream.

Well, not entirely true, I have had MUCH weirder dreams but this one was weird.

(OK, English language, why do you mess with my head. If the rule is "I before E except after C" how do you explain the word "weird"? I always have to write it three or four times then check the dictionary to make sure I have it right. Listen here, language, stop having "rules" that are more like "suggestions"!!)

So in the dream: I went out to feed the horses and brego was standing next to the barn with NORMAL HAIR ON HIS LEGS!!! ALL his feather was just GONE (he was still GORGEOUS, though). I was freaking out wondering who had been messing with my horse. I was less worried about the loss of leg hair than about what other horrible dangerous thing they might have done to my baby boy. Then I realized that "Brego" had BLACK LEGS. And was about 4 inches shorter and twice as wide. I freaked OUT, ran into the barn and there was the actual Brego, munching hay, but with no long hair on his legs either. I was so relieved to see him there that i didn't even wonder why someone would shave a Gypsy Horse's legs and stick him in my pasture... but I did suddenly realize that Sparrow and Mary were nowhere to be seen.

After freaking out again I found the two of them in Sparrow's "stud stall" munching hay with a weanling. Not a mini weanling but what looked like a very nice blood bay colt that was almost all long delicate legs and long arching neck. No white on it anywhere. I'm not sure what breed it was but it looked very Thoroughbredish which is weird because I do not and never have had any desire to own a TB. EVER. Maybe it was just an exceptionally handsome Standardbred. lol.

That was when I woke up. I had finally wondered why in the world anyone would sneak extra horses into my barn and shave my horse's feather off and i guess questioning the logic of the dream woke me up. lol.


  1. Weird horse dreams are the weirdest!

  2. weird is spelled weird because it's... well... WEIRD.... lol!

    Is your subconscious telling you you want even MORE horses? YIKES!