Tuesday, November 3, 2009

LOL, my dog is soooo ugly!

I love my dog. Seriously. He warms my heart and puts a huge grin on my face. I find him absolutely adorable.

I think that may be a sign that I am mentally ill.

he is down to like 6 teeth now, mostly in the back. So when he snoozes his tongue flops out. I took this picture last night because he was just looking so adorable.


That is where he sleeps, between my feet, head down, back against my leg. Tongue hanging out. He keeps my toes warm on cold winter nights.

Man, I love that stupid dog.


  1. I've never seen a "cute" hairless.. not even at AKC breed shows... but your Nigel is just perfectly himself. ...Just like you

  2. They are very much an acquired taste, lol. Ya either love 'em or wonder what the folks who love them have been smoking and not much in between, hehe!

    I've seen a few i really think are gorgeous, but they are usually hairy hairless with really full furnishings so they look just like tiny Clydesdales. Since getting Nigel and having had Mylo (also considered "true" hairless so sparse furnishings) I actually prefer for my own dog to be true hairless, not hairy hairless. It takes a LOT of work to keep a hairy hairless looking nice and their body always kind of feels like a guy's face who needs to shave.

    Though my next dog will be the complete opposite of Nigel... next dog will be a Standard Poodle, lol.

  3. I have Collies and Siberian Huskies. I don't know what "hairless" dog would be like. No hair balls to chase across the hardwood floors... hmm... novel concept.