Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Swine flu has officially hit the school! We have 4 confirmed cases in the high school as of yesterday. The children are mostly delighted, hoping they close school for a week, lol. They are going to need WAY more than 4 cases to close the school.

The time change has my sleep totally screwed up as usual. I fall asleep, then wake up, then can't fall back to sleep, then finally fall asleep and sleep for 20 minutes. URGH!! I hate hate hate the time change. We should just stick it on daylight saving time and leave it there year around. Time is such a simple concept, do we REALLY need to intentionally make it more complicated?

Can you imagine working at a clock/watch store during the time change? Wow. That would seriously SUCK. I get testy having to change 4 or 5 clocks, can you imagine having to change hundreds of them? I didn't change any this year. Just thinking about it made me testy. Tsu changed them all.

As I was typing my twice yearly anti-time change rant just now i realized i didn't post my annual "anti-columbus day" rant! I'll give the Reader's Digest Condensed version: America was ALREADY FULL OF PEOPLE! He may have been the first European to find the place and let enough other people know about it to get in the history books but as far as actually DISCOVERING the place... that is like me "discovering" the mall just because no one I know had any idea it was there. FULL OF PEOPLE! Do all those people who were already living here just not count?

*yawn* It's too early in the morning for this kind of foolishness, lol.

It's been almost 5 months since I had my gall bladder removed. Shouldn't the incisions have STOPPED ITCHING by now? Man of man, it feels like I have mosquito bites that never go away!

I hope the weather is decent today. I obviously need some time with my ponies so i don't keep getting crabbier, lol.

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  1. No the incisions will itch for ever. Mine does - right between the "ladies" where I had a mass removed a couple of years ago - Scratch that itch in public !