Monday, March 1, 2010

Well, Helloooo Ladies!!

That has become what I call my future goats. "The Ladies". Last night I ordered them collars and tags. I don't generally keep collars/halters on my animals (aside from Misty) unless I need to lead them somewhere but it sure helps to have them when you need them. I got tags for both dogs and all four of The Ladies, just in case. The dogs have tags but they don't have this address and phone number on them so what good are they?

Well, now they will have up to date tags. And The Ladies will also have tags. Because at least two of them will likely look a lot alike and it will be a real chore at first for me to tell them apart. lol.

Everything is melting. I oiled Brego up really well last night because it is getting mucky and yucky. The inside of the barn SOOOO yucky now that everything is thawing. They pee in there, even in place i don't keep bedded, and it freezes. Then when it thaws the nice solid ground turns to pee mud. Which makes Mr. MudPuppy blissfully happy. I think this year i am going to dig it out and put some gravel/stone in there.

I was going to start on that today but i woke up with a broken ankle. OK, it's not actually broken, but to be honest i have no idea what IS wrong with it, It just HURTS. Every time i move it, it hurts, every time I put weight on it... it hurts. I have it wrapped to stabilize it but I'm thinking slogging through the mud and forking out yuck and muck is out of the question. This means it is going to be a horrible septic smelling swamp when Katherine comes over to trim the mini horses tomorrow. UGH! It's not like my barn is a fancy show place. it has a huge hole in the roof and the stalls are kinda slapdash put together but it isn't usually a huge urine-swamp!

Oh, edit to add: it will likely be a year before i have any milk arrive, but I ordered a 6 qt milking bucked and a milk strainer. YAY!


  1. I think it's a "draft" thing to roll in pee... Rosie does it too. Drives me NUTS!

  2. I call my chickens "The Ladies"!

  3. Pony - I'd like to introduce you to another blog I think you'll enjoy it! It's not horse based (even though she has another that is) it's about Daun's experience in living off her small farm.

  4. Oh my gosh, That is the Brego blog person!! Thanks for the link, I've already added a bunch of books from their list to my library list and read about 50 entries, good stuff there!!