Friday, March 12, 2010

Parsley before:

This poor fella is such a mess. I just went out and put some Blu-Kote on his poll where he was kind of beat up from trying to fight with Anita's Kiko. It's healing but i just felt better with some meds on there. I took a dog slicker brush out with me so I could give him a good brushing and maybe break loose some of the scabby scruffy stuff he has going on with his skin. A lot of it is just stuff stuck in his hair and the skin underneath is healing. I'm going to get some Ivomec pour on to treat him in case it is mange. I didn't see any lice and all the rest of the goats look pretty good but I will probably treat them all anyway.

at any rate, here is another picture of him that shows how pitiful he looks:


I was brushing him and he was leaning into the brush and making this funny face with his lips and closing his eyes. The girls are really chatty but I have not heard him make a sound aside from one tiny "blat" the first day we went to look at him.

He is already becoming a favorite of mine just for his personality. Proof you can't judge a book by it's cover. lol.

Anyway, he is missing hair on his knees and scrotum. Has thin spots in his hair coat, his legs look Not Right. Like, he is over at the knees in front and sort of spindly and weak in the back. I'm wondering if some of all this might have been nutritional during his development. Anita said he just didn't get full sized, so I am wondering if his being mini sized is stunted growth from poor nutrition or if it is genetic. No real way to ever know, I guess. Just hope it isn;t something serious or life threatening.

I'm going to try and get some more pictures to put in this post (I'll edit them in later today) and see how much he improves over the next few months.

On a brighter note, the pen kept them in all night, and they seem to be settling in fine. everyone still has a good appetite and normal dropping. I'm always paranoid I am going to kill any new animal I bring here, and the goats are no different, lol.

Also, wow. Goats are remarkably strong for their size!! SERIOUSLY considering training them to be draft animals, lol. the twins are just like little tanks! If they can dig their feet in they can drag two people if they want to. Of course then all I have to do is pick them up a little so they can't dog their feet in, haha!

edit to add:


It's really hard to get a picture of him from the side, lol, he wants to be in your face all the time:



Synchronized cud chewing:



  1. OMG he's pitiful!!!! cute thoough

  2. Missing hair on his knees is normal.

    From the look of his coat, I'd say he could really benefit from a copper bolus.

    Check those links out. I saw a major change in my herd when I started copper bolus. :)

  3. I was just reading about those the other day! I just completely forgot about it what with everything else going on.

    I'd be worried that the poor little guy would get sick of me fussing with him but it seems like the more unpleasant things I do to him the more he tries to come to me for comfort. The little stinker. At times when all the other goats and any other sane animal would be trying to get away he is trying to hide behind me or crawl into my lap like I am going to save him from it. lol. can you tell he has me completely charmed?