Monday, April 26, 2010

WHOOOO! I'm 40!!!!


I'm a horrible blogger.

I forget to write for soooo long, then when I remember I have so much to write that I feel overwhelmed and put off writing about any of it.

SO! I am going to try and write something every single day. Even if it is just a little "yup, still alive!"

At any rate... saturday was my birthday. I got a delightful surprise birthday party. I sorta expected it because I basically told them, "I am turning 40, and I am excited about it, and i want black balloons that say over the hill!!!" I never ever want a fuss at my birthday because i don't like being the center of attention (hard to believe, I know) but this was a special birthday!! I have never been one to get all emotional about getting older. I LIKE getting older. I know, I must be CRAZY. But I have been looking forward to turning 40 for years.

Well, I am up to my elbows in trying to reclaim neglected cast iron cookwear that i was given this week, so i will be back later and over the next week or so I will try to get back on top of this whole blogging thing.


  1. hahahaha you crack me up !!!! I'm done with the whole birthday thing until I look my age!

  2. Happy Birthday!!!!!! Hope you had fun!