Thursday, May 20, 2010

Recipe: Pony's Kitchen Sink Meatloaf.

I am making some of my World Famous Meatloaf for dinner tonight. I've never ever had anyone try my meatloaf and not like it, even confirmed meatloaf haters. My daughter literally BEGS me to make meatloaf. I've had people beg me for the recipe. The problem is, I don't HAVE a recipe. That is why I call it "Kitchen Sink" meatloaf, lol. I just toss in everything... you know how they say "she brought everything but the kitchen sink?" Well, yeah.

So today as i was making it i paid attention to what i was doing and while i didn't measure anything I did make a point to note what all i threw in there... this time.

Pony's Kitchen Sink Meatloaf

Ingredient List**:

*Pound or two of some sort of ground meat
*Couple of eggs (about 1 to 1/2 eggs per pound of meat unless you have more people to feed than meat, then go extra on the eggs and crumbs and less on the meat)
*grated onion
*BBQ sauce
*Worcestershire sauce
*Soy sauce
*garlic salt or powder or crushed
*some sort of crumb type thing... bread crumbs, crushed corn or potato chips, crushed crackers... and old stale grain or potato based crispy thing you want to be rid of. I've even used unsweetened high fiber cereal.

Mix all the wet ingredients, just guess according to your personal taste. This includes the eggs and grated onions. Once it is mixed into a disgusting looking slimey mess add spices, then mix in the meat a little at a time. If it starts to get thick or dry or hard to mix add more liquidy stuff, which ever of the liquidy stuff you like the tastes of most (I usually add more BBQ, Sweet Baby Ray's to be exact, and a little Worcestershire sauce). You want it pretty sloppy before the crumb stage. Once that is mixed really well add in whatever crumb thing you are using until the mixture is a firm thick meaty looking lump. I usually save the heels of my loaves of bread and before meatloaf day I dry them in the oven on warm for a half hour or so then add in any stale chips and crackers and mash the whole thing into a powder using a potato masher. If it gets too dry and the crumbs don't have any more liquid to soften them up i add a dash or ketchup at a time until all the crumbs are soaking up some liquid.

This mix needs to sit in the fridge for at least one hour. Once it has sat (I sometimes leave it for several hours) it needs one good mixing then put it into your loaf pans. I usually warm the pans first then wipe the inside with some lard or bacon grease before putting the loaf mix in. then pour bbq or ketchup over the top and spread it around. Pop it in the oven. I usually put it in at 350 and cook it until the center has been at around 160 for like 10 minutes because i am paranoid about making sure it is well done. Once the center hits 160 I turn the heat in the oven down to about 200 just to hold it there without burning the bottom.

When you pull it out of the oven you can either serve it right away (It will likely fall apart but will be delish anyway) or let it sit for 10 minutes then serve and it will hold together really well and won't burn the roof of your mouth.

**almost everything on this list is optional or can be substituted. I've made this and used oatmeal and grated potato instead of meat. It wasn't very good. but it was edible and darn it i was hungry! I called that Faux Loaf.


  1. Sounds a lot like my own. And ya know, I just don't get those meatloaf haters! I mean it's MEAT! It's hamburger in a loaf dish.. what's not to like?

  2. I've had some mighty awful meatloaf. I developed my own out of self defense because there was someone else's that was so bad that 30 years later thinking about it makes me want to gag, lol.