Tuesday, February 8, 2011

It's scary... an 80's music explosion.

It's scary how much I love this song. Sometimes I frighten myself. But it always gives me a delightful pick-me-up and reminds me to keep my chin up.

Plus the clothes and the hair styles make me SQUUEEEEE with delight.

And since we are on an 80's kick here.... one of my favorite songs by one of my favorites bands from the 80's. It's one of their lesser known songs but one of my favorites.

Well, speaking of lesser known songs by 80's bands that I love more than their better known stuff... have some Culture Club. This may be my favorite song of theirs ever, and I was a hardcore (lol) Culture Club fan back in the day.

Why not make everyone certain I have lost my mind by posting one of my favorite songs of all time. Do they have a Rock band or Guitar Hero game in an 80's version? If not.... THEY SHOULD.

And finally, in keeping with my "I think the best songs they ever did were under appreciated..." theme... one of my favorite 80's songs by madonna.

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