Sunday, July 24, 2011

I found the eggs!!!!!

I went on a quest for eggs. I'd heard a hen making the "I got an egg on the way!!!" sound in the barn so after climbing all over through trees and weeds and wild raspberries (ouch) I checked in the barn. About 10 feet up the hay pile I saw an egg. I climbed up, and found a whole dozen!!!!

If I do the math for when they seemed to stop laying as many eggs it averages out that they haven't dropped production at all, lol.

I didn't think to get pictures before I had Josh (Tiff's boyfriend) get the eggs down for me.

So I marked a few eggs and put them back in the coop (to remind them that they are supposed to spit them out IN THE COOP), closed up the barn, and hopefully they will go back to laying in the coop and not some place else harder to find.

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