Monday, January 26, 2009

The Divine Day.

Saturday was... amazing.

There is NEVER anything worth watching on television during the day on Saturdays. I had two books I wanted to read (one that my daughter wants to read and another that has been on my reading list for some time). It was cold outside, Tsu was sleeping because, you know, night shift and all that. So I cleared out my funky satellite dish chair (it normally holds a bean bag chair and my stability ball), tossed a few extra blankets over it, started a fire in the fireplace, grabbed my little couch pillow, my favorite blanket, two books, a hot cup of coffee and my dog and settled in for the day.

All day.

From about 9:30 am until Tsu got up around 6pm. I kept the fire going (the house smelled fan-freakin-tastic). After the first hour or so it was warm enough in there that I kicked the blanket off to one side and stretched my toes out towards the fire. Nigel curled into the curve of my arm with his head resting on my chest and I read.

And read.

And read.

At one point I stopped to go kiss my ponies on their fuzzy little noses and stock up on more fire wood. I noshed on some left overs. I made more coffee. And I just reveled in the peace and quiet and heat. No radio, no TV, no computer. Just me, my dog, a book and a fire.

You know, I think some times you need to hit your "reset" button. Reboot your psychological, emotional and physical "operating system". I think that is what happened on Saturday. You know how when you wake up and stretch your muscles really well for a split second you have that indescribable feeling where your muscles are reacting to the stretch? Well, I feel like I had a great big stretch.

My little sanctuary is actually our storage room. The dog crates are on there, boxes of stuff I have no room for in the kitchen cabinets, the cat litter boxes, my daughter's computer. Because of that I have been unable to use it and enjoy the fireplace until recently when we did some cleaning and organizing and I brought in the old chair i had forgot I had.

Here is my chair, my cat hair covered blanket, and my companion:


And my fire:


*sigh* It was divine.

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