Thursday, January 29, 2009


Tsu's dad rushed him to the emergency room at 6:30 this morning. He is being sent for a CT scan. This is not related to his digestive issues. Yesterday he was feeling a little stiff necked, then when he was microwaving his left over meatloaf his whole neck seized up and shot pain down his back. He walked around all evening like Frankenstein's monster, but thought he might have just moved wrong and it might let up.

He is on days this week for training, so he got up this morning to go to work and could barely move without his face going beet red and him almost passing out from the pain. He also said it feels like his throat is closing off. So he was going to wait until the doctors office opened to see if he could get an appointment and he said, "They might just tell me to go to the ER."

I said, "Don't wait, go to the ER. Call your folks and see if your dad can take you."

"He probably isn't up yet." he said.

"I know, but your mom is, and she hasn't left for work yet. She can get him up."

So he called and 10 minutes later his dad was on his way to pick him up.

Tsu is worried because he got bit by a barn cat a week and a half ago when it sneaked (snuck?) into the house and he caught it and tried to get it outside before the dogs got hurt by it. Everything but one small tooth mark has healed up fine but that still has him freaked out, and I'll admit it has me a little freaked out too.

Anyway, he was medicated for the pain and getting fluids, had several vials of blood drawn and some swabs and stuff taken, I think, and was waiting to get in for his CT scan when he called me to fill me in.

*totally freaking out, but pretending to hold it together*


  1. Oh,
    I hope he is alright! Hang in there and think positive thoughts.

  2. I'll keep my fingers crossed for him!!!!

  3. OMG sweetie.... crossing my fingers and lighting a candle!