Monday, June 1, 2009

YAY! I have gall stones!!!!

Hurray! Test results are back and it is official, I have gall stones!!! YIPPIE!

No, really, this is great news because it means we know what caused my attacks now for sure. And the stones are small and not in a horrible place so I have a list of dietary crap to avoid, and danger signs to watch for. She is not recommending surgery or meds as of yet, since my attacks are so few and far between. The meds and surgery both have the risk of some side effects so... it is kind of a wait and see thing now. But at least we know. Also, my cholesterol looks great. HDL is the same, LDL is like 25 points lower than it was last september. My triglycerides are a lot lower too. HUZZAH!

So while it isn't good that I have gall stones it is better to know I have gall stones than to have something wrong and not know what.


  1. Gall Stones are ouchie!! But glad it's nothing too serious.

  2. Pony - meet Primrose. A 16.3 HH Perch/Belgium 4yr old Chocolate dappled mare. And she is all mine:

    She gets her vet work tomorrow - and hope to bring her home mid June.

  3. WHOO HOO! Congratz on the big new pony! Look at those dapples! She is GOR-GEOUS!