Friday, July 24, 2009

Captain Sig's frozen fish!

A while back ago I was in GiantEvilMegaStore *chough*giggle*chough* and in the frozen section I noticed a weird picture of Sig Hansen from Deadliest Catch on a box of frozen fish product. We were in a hurry and sorta broke, but I vowed to buy some to support my second favorite captain and ship (and number one favorite crew) from one of my favorite tv shows. Since I don't much care for CRAB it was the least I could do!

So last week when we went shopping I grabbed a box of Captain Sig Popcorn Fish.

You can read about it here: Captain Sig's Wild Alaskan Seafood Website

I got the popcorn fish because per once it was the cheapest, lol. OK, despite the cheesy tie in with the show being the only real selling point I have to say this was some damn good fish. It tasted like REAL fish, not processed pressed fishstick fish. I want to try the salmon burgers now. I guess this is just available in test markets. I can't speak for the other products but I can recommend the popcorn fish!

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