Monday, July 20, 2009

"He was just limping, why did you waste money on a vet?"

"It's not like you have tons of money just laying around and it's not like it was SERIOUS or anything."

And how am I supposed to KNOW it is nothing serious without the vet coming out. Sure, I could take a wait and see attitude but for around $100 (which no, I did not have spare laying around but I managed to get it things worked out) I had the peace of mind of knowing the vet had looked at him and it was highly unlikely that it would turn into something serious.

Wait and see works for some things. The severity of Brego's lameness that first night went beyond "wait and see". I probably could have gone to "wait and see" the next morning and been fine. i am FINE with "wait and see" if it doesn't look likely that the problem could escalate to something serious if not dealt with early. Being almost three legged lame is one of those things that can go from a $100 farm call today to a $1000 career ending thing in two days.

Don't you love arm chair quarterbacks who question your care choices for your animals? Sometimes they have valid points, sure, but in this case do they really think criticizing someone for actually calling a vet is needed? yup, I got that comment this weekend from someone online. lol. If I hadn't called the vet they would have been the first person to jump my butt for NOT calling the vet.

And people wonder why I am spending less and less time on forums and bulletin boards. *rolls eyes*

Heaven forbid someone call a vet when their horse is lame.

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  1. OMGOSH !!! You shouldn't take your kid to the doc either!

    It's life some people just don't get it.