Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Home from the doctors...

Home from the follow up, everything looks good. testing confirmed that I "had an impressive number of gall stones", lol.

So far the changes in my digestive life that I notice are:

no more gall bladder attacks.

If i get hungry and don't eat right away I feel like I might barf. This is something that is REALLY bothering me and I hope it doesn't stay this way. DR. agreed that I should keep a light snack handy for these times.

And last but not least, TMI warning....

It's not quite the runs (close but not quite) but I have to crap at least twice a day and when I gotta go it may not be urgent but I best get to a bathroom without too much delay or my whole belly starts to cramp up like I have been kicked in the gut. This does not seem to be related to what or when or how much I eat.

The doctor said that yes, those are likely all related to me now not having a gall bladder, and no, they are probably not going to go away. :-( But he said as time goes on I will learn how to cope and to remember the alternative was frequent gall bladder attacks and possible damage to my liver and pancreas. He recommended frequent small high fiber meals (which is basically what I have been doing for a year and a half) avoiding high fat foods and getting used to going poo more often. He also recommended limiting my foods to one or two things and gradually adding in more to see if any specific foods cause issues more than others so I can see if avoiding certain things will help.

The bathroom trips are annoying but manageable but the nausea is making me feel kind of down. I have been feeling forced to eat more than I normally would because otherwise I feel sick, and have gained another pound, plus I hatehateHATEHATE feeling barfy.

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