Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Chinese food, bottle returns and oil based fly spray.

Our niece, Ashley, is spending most of this week over here and she and Tiff are living out in the camper most of the time (kind of required with Tsu sleeping days and being a light sleeper *insert standard rant about how much that friggin SUCKS*). Well, yesterday afternoon they asked if we could order Chinese Food. I'm not sure what they were thinking because we live like 30 miles from the nearest Chinese food place. You can't just call for delivery or anything, lol! Maybe they watch too much TV.

Anyway, I devised this plan to go into town to the "all you can eat" Chinese Buffet place and pay for it with bottle returns (we had $15.70 in returns and lunch was $21.60. Not too shabby). So after Tsu got home and our getting ready to go kept him up and made him crabby we headed to town and munched our way from one end of the buffet to the other.

We'd stopped by the post office to drop off my patient survey for the hospital and some mail we got addressed to people who don't live here (marked "return to sender, no one by that name at this address"), then stopped by the library for me to pick up some light summer reading ("The Nazi Persecution of the Gypsies" by Guenter Lewy) before going to Empire Wok.

When we headed outside after eating Ashley blurted out "OH MY GOSH!" Once I followed her gaze I saw that the drivers side rear bumper was all caved in. BUT the rub marks from who ever hit it were already covered with road dust, which would be impossible if it had happened while we were in eating. And we were never all out of the car between the time we left and the time we got to the restaurant. So it had to have happened while Tsu was working or something. He is going to be SOOOO delighted when he wakes up.

So anyway, we returned bottles and it was stupid busy at the return station. We had to wait for a machine to return bottles and they kept getting full and it was just nutty, then the little sink by the return station was out of paper towels, ew....

Anyway, then we went to Tractor Supply Company so I could get some fly spray. I ran out last week like the day after I got home from the hospital. The stuff I had before was pretty mediocre anyway. I got oil based fly spray this time. It was a bit more expensive than the water based but I like it much better. It attracts dirt but it lasts through rain and with some good elbow grease it makes them look nice and shiny. And it lasts longer, too.

As I was brushing it into Brego's feather I laughed to myself at how delighted I was to have a new bottle of fly spray. It really is the simple things that make my day.

Tomorrow is my follow up with the surgeon. All of my stitches have fallen out, the last three fell out today after my shower. The one I lost yesterday was NASTY, it left a deep hole in my side. I brilliantly squirted rubbing alcohol in there because it looked full of lint and I wanted to flush it out. It may have LOOKED like the sides were healed over but I assure you they were NOT. *screams* Today it is all filled in and much less disgusting looking. I'm getting a small amount of skin die off around the incision areas but only what is expected around stitches. They itch a LOT less than they did when the stitches were still in there. I didn't even know they were dissolvable until they all started falling off, lol.

I feel 90% normal today but very tired after being out and about all day. I can't believe how my endurance has decreased in just a week and a half. I feel winded all the time. It's getting better but i'm still just "plumb tuckered out"!


  1. Ummm Pony -- it was MAJOR surgery with heavy duty drugs!

  2. hehe, yeah, but they just took out a tiny little thing and it was laprascopic (spelling? *eyes cross*) so it isn't like I had open heart surgery, lol.