Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Finding potential customers in these trying times.

I'm out to make money. I make crafts, I keep my blog, I sell off old junk I have laying around. One of the hardest parts of making money this way is drumming up business. To make money I need to find people who might be interested in what I have to sell, or I have to write things interesting enough to get people to come back and hopefully click my ads or return enough to make it worth my advertisers while.

But in other businesses finding customers means tracking down possible leads. There are many resources available for this but many of them give you bad leads. So finding a resource like equileads.com, where they make sure their leads are GOOD one, can really be a boost to a business that relies on this time of contact information.

BUT, those elads need to come from somewhere, right?

If you don't need leads you can become an affiliate and earn money from your blog or web site. I am actually considering doing this, because every couple of dollars is another bale of hay! *big grin*

Don't have a blog or site about mortgages or financial issues but still want in on the affiliate program? How about their life insurance leads affiliate program that would be great for a family oriented site or blog, or maybe maybe if you are a car guy consider joining up with their car insurance affiliate program.

This post has been brought to you by our friends at Equileads.com.

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