Sunday, August 23, 2009

Shopping for deals!!! Crafting and other things!

As anyone who reads my blogs knows I am a crafter. I do a lot of things, from sewing to gourd crafts to my passion for yarn and knitting. Because of this I am always looking for new resources. Recently I was made aware of a site called Now I am not big on shopping, but I am always looking for good deals on craft supplies as well as new information so I checked it out carefully and found a lot of interesting things.

Now you all know I'm not much into expensive things and I would rather carry a wallet on a chain than spend money on a designer handbag, But if I needed ideas for a designer handbag I could find info here!

Now I do use my laptop a lot, so I might be more likely to look up laptop bags... but not as likely as I would be to look up backpacks or a nice knitting basket (though to fit all my knitting junk into it I would need it to be huge!)

There are a lot of interesting buying guides as well as links to items for sale!

As an example, I wanted to look up knitting supplies so I went to and searched for knitting . That came up with far more things than I wanted to sift through so I searched for knitting bags. When this didn;t get me what I wanted I went back to the main page and looked through the catagories, selecting "Arts and Crafts Buying Guide". Look at all that stuff!

Yup, I might not be in the market for designer handbags but there is plenty here to keep me occupied!

*this post brought to you by the fine folks at!!*

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