Saturday, August 29, 2009

*Shakes fist angrily at the weather*

This week has been total *insert bad word*. Wet, windy, cold. I have got NO saddle time at all. None. Nada. Zilch. Zero. ZIP.

If it were just the chilly weather I would be delighted and in the saddle but my only riding area that is safe for my "so green he is technically still yellow and blue" horse turns into an ice skating rink with snot on top of it as soon as it starts to sprinkle. With the gusty wind and slippery ground it is just a recipe for disaster.

So much my for my plan to get at least 15 minutes saddle time every day. Blarg.

The nice thing about the hairy bear is that he doesn't seem to forget. We pick up right where we left off after one day or 5. But still, I was hoping to make more progress. *sigh*

So instead of riding I took down some swings and one of the trampolines and gave them to my ex and his wife for their kids (and for my kid when she is over there). I scrubbed some gourds my dad and step mom gave me... rainy weather is perfect for that because the humidity makes the yuck on the outside softer and easier to scrub out.

I already have about 7 gourds cut into dippers, I'm about half way done with a commissioned piece, and I started new pair of knit slippers.

So I'm not riding but I'm keeping busy anyway.


  1. There is always something to do isn't there...

    We cleaned the garage today ICK !

  2. Sounds FUN! I have a big old pole barn that has my old stuff, a bunch of stuff my ex left behind, a boatload of junk my inlaws left behind and junk I have stuffed in there since moving back. I dread starting on THAT project.

  3. just hang a 4-sale sign on it all

  4. That is actually part of my plan, to sell any of it that is worth anything, lol.

  5. Everything I set out to the road this afternoon as trash was picked up by someone who needed it more than I did...