Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Skills to pay the bill... lol...

Yeah... if some of my blogs feel a bit like they were paid for by sponsers now and then... that is me earning my hay money. *big grin* Which is really one of the reasons why I started this blog, to make some money to supplement my non-existent income. And it is finally working! At some point in the future I will make a post about the places that find that actually DO pay you real money for blogging and such but that will be another day.

This weekend has been awful. Tsu has been working since saturday night. He has basically already worked his full work week, and friday he starts oncall. Ugh. He is so burned out he wants to ask his boss to lay him off and get the severance package. I think he is pissed at me for my reaction but now is really NOT the time to be willingly giving up a secure job. *panic*

On a brighter note, Mega Millions jackpot is up to over $250 mill. lol. I could use a few of those, hahaha!

My dad brought over a bunch of gourds last night. Nice thick big gourds, HUZZAH! So I have another two days of gourd scrubbing ahead of me. I'm still just disgusted by the failure of my entire gourd crop, but these should tide me over for a little while. Next year will be bad, though. With none to use from this year... *sad face*

Well, I will probably be making more "work" posts over the next few days now that I am finally getting some assignments. I promise to keep up with non-work posts as well, though.

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