Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Is it a sign?

I've been serious about the goat research for a couple of weeks now, reading everything I can, looking around online... but I haven't requested anything, haven't put my address anywhere, haven't looked at any g oat supply catalogs at all.

So please tell me why today, out of nowhere, I opened the mail box to find a catalog from Hoegger Supply Company...

Cover to cover, nothing but goat stuff.

How did THAT happen and why?

I'm baffled.

Delighted but baffled.

More drama today. Blarg. I'll be glad when things have settled down. Seriously. Thank goodness Tiff is handling it all so well. beyond well. Better than I am handling it, in fact.

On a brighter note, the car has new, um (*asks Tsu because she can't remember*), rack and pinion assembly with inner and outer tie rods, tires and an alignment, as well as new spark plugs. The spark plugs were loose and there were three that fit and one that is like the size for outboard motors. I have no clue how the thing was even running but all it needs is new car smell air freshener and you wouldn't even know it was used. and old. and super high miles.

I'm so glad I have my car back!! Even though it was gone for repairs longer than it was here, I still got attached to it. Now I just want some horse window stickers. hehehehe.


  1. I love Hoegger! My favorite catalog to get.

  2. I am amazed that 1) it just showed up here out of no where 2) it was apparently free and 3) it has more educational articles and helpful information than some of the goat books I have borrowed from the library! I'm saving this bad boy for future reference!

  3. Don't forget goat window stickers