Monday, February 15, 2010

update: ugh...

I am just not going to go into it. The details don't matter, not really. Suffice it to say that Tiff is "no longer welcome" at her dad and step-mom's home, and leave it at that. No sense going in to details. *sigh*

Tiff is fine, or at least is acting fine and says she is fine. She feels like the last two days has shown her that her feeling of being shoved out was justified and she is just ready to move on. I, on the other hand, am a complete wreck. I'm gradually starting to pull it together but my head is killing me, my gut is killing me, and I am worried that when the full import of this hits her she is going to crash hard.

I'm just dumbfounded, and sad for her. And a lot of other things i am just no going to talk about here.

I'll be back later today with a more upbeat post, i promise.


  1. I think she is absolutely beautiful, nose ring and all. Her eyes are haunting, she is sooo internal. I know how hard it is to feel lonely, unloved and unwanted. I guess the best thing to do is lay out a few ground rules and hug her, alot. The hair and nose ring and all that will change--even by next week. They do live and so do we as parents.

  2. I at least know that she KNOWS she is loved and wanted over here. And it looks like she won't have to worry about how they feel about her over there anymore. *sigh*