Saturday, March 6, 2010

Everything but the goats...

Spent about 2 hours at TSC and got everything on my list. The big stuff will be delivered tomorrow and monday i will get everything put together.

I ended up buying 2 more cattle panels than I planned. I can double the size of their pen with two more panels, so why not? I also have plans for some stuff for them to play on. I'll be running electric wire around the inside of the pen at shoulder height and also above the top of the pen to keep them from jumping out.

I have an old hardwood table out in the barn that my sibling-in-laws left here... it's not really a table, it is the base of one old table and the top of another old table. The base of the table is too big for the top, and from being out in the barn the top had developed a big wide crack. So it's not really worth anything at this point. Plus it is taking up most of the spot I need to clear out to put all my hay for next winter.

I was thinking about it today and realized I could nail the top onto the bottom and stick it in the goat pen with something next to it and they could climb up there. Plus they could use it for shade and I could stick a hay feeder on the side if i wanted to. Is that a terribly "hick" thing to do? I sorta hope so, since I always wanted to be a hick, lol.

Now i just have to get help to drag that heavy stinking bad boy outta the barn. I have a few other things out in the barn I can put in there for them to play on. I want to make sure they have all kinds of fun stuff to occupy their brains and keep them moving and fit. I may give then the Jolly Ball I have for the horses since they never play with it any more.

This is going to be so much fun.

Now I have basically everything but the goats. Basic health supplies for boo boos and such, water tub, feed pans, mineral lick, fencing, supplies for their shelter... I'll get a bag of feed as soon as i find out what they have been getting and then... I'm ready for my goaties.

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