Thursday, March 4, 2010

I'm such a sucker.

Guess who broke down and made a call to ask about a pitiful ugly little ear-less goat? Guess whose goaty mentor lady was delighted at the idea and offered to just let her take the ugly little ear-less goat when she buys her does? Guess whose human-kid is absolutely delighted that above mentioned ugly little, picked on MiniMancha goat is joining the family?

*raises hand* *rolls eyes* *sighs*

I couldn't take it. I had to ask. I just couldn't stop thinking about how the other boys were picking on him, and how sweet he was, and how pitiful he looked. I was dreaming about him, about him needing us. Then Tiff started in and... well, what else could i do?

They called him Petey, but I am going to call him Parsley.

I promise to post pictures once I get them all home, which won't be until after tax refund gets here. When you see what he looks like you are going to just crack up, i promise.

I also got my milking starter kit today, which is my bucket and my strainer with strainer filters, as well as their collars and a set of hobbles just in case I need them once I start milking (which will likely be a while, like next year after they kid the first time).

As soon as I get the refund money i will give her a call and then she is going to have me come over and we will trim their hooves, give them their booster shots and worm them all before I bring them home. that way she can be sure i know how to do the basics myself.

I'm getting soo impatient to get them home!!!!


  1. Awww, he will grow up handsome, I bet ;) Is he a wether? :)

  2. "Is he a wether? :)"

    ...not yet. I'll decide how i want to handle that once I get him all back into shape and can get a good look at him without him being kind of beat up and pitiful. I MIGHT consider using him on my does for their first freshening (I like the idea of breeding them to something smaller for their first babies) then having him wethered. If i decide not to go that route I'll have him done as soon as he is looking good and healthy and at a good weight.

  3. hahaha you ARE a sucker! And yanno what ?!? This does not surprise me at all! I mean.. Look at your dog *grins* such a handsome thing =) give Nigel a pet from me.

  4. Well, I actually went LOOKING for the dog, lol. But you totally called it on my first post where I mentioned this little goat, lol.

  5. I am not surprised. Pony ~ Hero for the DownTrodden. I love you, but I don't do goats. You are on your own, darlin'

  6. You're a sucker, baby, that's why we love you! (sung to the tune of Beck's "I'm a loser.")

  7. Haha. Petey just fits thoughh, ugly goat, ugly namee:) ...But you better not eat himm :O Haha. -♥- Your Daughter.:)

  8. Sweetie, you can keep calling him Petey if you want... but I already bought a collar that says Parsley and he sure as heck ain't a 'Rosemary'! HAHAHA!

    And don't worry, he is safe from becoming jerky. The worst thing I plan to do to him is get him 'fixed" eventually.

  9. I kinda figured he would wind up living with you. I think Parsley is a great name; he needs one to give him some courage and esteem. Pete just does not do it. I sure wish I lived closer to you. I sure would help DD get through school and maybe find ways to make the insenseable make sense. Ask around for some homeschooling moms that maybe could help her (or their students) and do some bartering for the services. There are alot more homeschooled children than you think.