Sunday, May 2, 2010

Biting gnats can go DIAF.

DIAF stands for "die in a fire" in internet lingo.


All three horses have swollen delicate parts because of an invasion of biting gnats. Slathering them in a mix of bag balm and Swat and Skin So Soft, then spraying them heavily with oil based fly spray seems to be keeping the gnats themselves away but they are all terribly tender and swollen.

I checked the goats and they were fine, a half hour later i look out there and they are FREAKING OUT! So now THEY are coated in bag balm and fly spray too.

Mary's swelling is worse today than it was yesterday and poor Brego is just swollen and sore.

The horses were well coated in fly spray before this happened but that didn't stop these evil satan spawn. GR!!!!


  1. wow - we just have regular stable flies right now. But we've been rainy so that's most likely helping keep the DIAF gnats away!

    But this does remind me to get some swat for ears.

  2. We seem to have survived the 'gnat' season so far..knock on wood. I smear their ears with WIPE! and use a barn spray on their backs and legs and bellies. So far, they are okay.