Friday, April 30, 2010

Fun in the sun.

I spent the whole day with the horses yesterday. Aside from a couple of hours in the morning (for breakfast and lunch and indoor chores) I was out with them from 9am until 7pm. When I went out to work Mary the boys got all riled up. I think they thought maybe she was getting goodies and they weren't. Once they realized she was just getting worked they settled down, but before that...

But then Sparrow wore himself out and had to take a nap, lol.


Everyone got groomed and hoof picked (the boys were both abducted by aliens and their normal hooves were replaced with hideous alien hooves. i swear, they are on a 6 week schedule and it looked like they hadn't been done in 3 months!!! INSANE!!!). I worked with Brego a lot on ground manners and putting his feet where i want them, then I brought out the milk crate and used it to get up high enough to lay over his back while he grazed. It was like being a teenager again, sprawled across my pony while he chowed down and basically ignored me, lol. Then, much to his chagrin... it was time to get ready for Katherine to come and trim his feet.

It is an ongoing quest to find the perfect way to keep his hair out of her way. This time I french braided his feather down the back of heack leg amd covered it in vetwrap. I ran out before I did a proper job on all 4 feet, so now I know I need two rolls of vet wrap per hoof trim, lol. Brego was not amused, as you can tell by this pitiful and annoyed look he is giving me, haha!


Katherine agreed with my opinion that both boys had been abducted by aliens and their feet tinkered with by ETs. It took THREE hours to do the three ponies!!! Most of that spent trying to figure out what the heck was going on with the boy's feet. I always enjoy when she comes to trim the horses, not just because i like the job she does and the price she charges but also because she is just generally a really neat person and I genuinely like her.

I am exhausted today, though. I'm not used to being on my feet all day long anymore. My hips and feet are making sure I know i over did it, lol.


  1. I just use a pair of size small knee highs, with the to cut out. I've resisted the urge to make garters for Flurry.... so far.

  2. Everything I have tried, Karin, is either too tight to fit over his big fat hoof OR if I can squeeze it over those massive platter feet it is too baggy on his leg to hold the hair up, lol. I'm going to try a couple more things and see if they work but if not at least i have this option and I know it works. It only adds $4 or so on to each trim, I think I can manage that.

  3. Hahahah Sparrow is so darned cute! Looking at his little self just zooming around your yard.

    Brego is all "ok I'll run but dude.. you're working to darned hard at this"

  4. I just love Sparrow looking up at you and then just flopping over again. He is sooo not threatened by you!! Yeah, the foot thing. My Fjordie mare went from pretty decent to oh, crap overnight. Two weeks over due to me and farrier having to do a reschedule. Eight weeks is tooooo long!!!