Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Not a good day to have a bad day.



Sometimes I wonder if there is some cosmic conspiracy to make every simple thing as absolutely difficult and complicated as possible.

Simple thing: fill the water trough.

How it is complicated: The water line to the big barn (closest water faucet to the tank) broke under ground over a year ago. So I have to run the hose from the trailer to the little barn, which takes about 175/200 feet of hose. So the hose has to be hauled in to the house the night before to thaw. The hose is heavy. I can barely move it. Then the next day it has to be hauled out into the yard, run from the faucet to the tank. then once it is hooked to the faucet I have to open the skirting (which was jammed and didn't want to open) turn on the spigot underneath and hopefully fill the tank. Unless the pipes are frozen. In which case you need to find a way to thaw them before the hose freezes back up.


You know, I have simple dreams. One of them is a faucet within 10 feet of my stock tank, well insulated with heat tape.

The horses have water, I had a massive melt down, and I totally jacked up my shoulder trying to deal with it. But hey, at least the tank is full and I won't have to deal with this again until... next week.

Oh, and all my winter clothes are soaking wet now. So me and my jacked up shoulder are going to go do laundry now so I have dry winterwear for doing chores tonight. lol. So much for handling things ok this winter! *rolls eyes*

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  1. ugh winter sucks for livestock keeping that's for sure!